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Our Core Values

Excellence in distribution: Nectar’s vision is to excel in distribution in order to be on the forefront of Malta’s importation and distribution industry within the food and beverage sector.

We seek to achieve our vision through a mission that promotes
Best practices, Excellence, Social responsibility and Teamwork.

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Why Malta?

We are located in Malta, a small but densely populated island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has been a member state of the European Union since May 1, 2004, and it is currently the smallest EU country in both population and area.

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What's Happening?

Nectar supports Organ Donation campaign for 2018

9 April 2018

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Nectar Ltd acquires sole direct distribution and marketing of Nestlé Ice Cream and Antica Gelateria brands in Malta

14 February 2018

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Litter Less Campaign

4 December 2017

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Nectar supports ‘Tetra għall-Istrina’ Campaign

23 November 2017

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Nectar reduced its traditional energy footprint by at least 50%

13 October 2017

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