Human Resources

Nectar's HR Department is a core element within the organisation that ensures the continual improvement and growth of both the individual and the organisation. Through its activity and service, the HR Department seeks to assist Nectar in maintaining the Nectar philosophy and strives to treat every job as a source of satisfaction for every individual. Additionally, the HR Department serves to ensure that the Nectar's mission and values are optimized at all levels.

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The operation of Nectar’s HR Department is governed by the belief that the Nectar’s long-term success depends on the capacity to attract, develop, protect and retain the right and best employees to develop leaders while maintaining a customer focused approach. The HR activity is built on four key areas: Learning and Development, Performance and Reward, Technology, and Corporate Social Responsibility, all having direct contribution to the Nectar’s success.

Learning and Development

Regarded as one of the pillars that allowed business to thrive throughout the recent financial crisis, during which many businesses faced decline, the human resource is highly valued and thus all efforts are made to offer Nectar’s employees the healthiest and safest conditions of work for ethical, practical, legal and economic reasons. Learning and Development thus constitutes a major part of the activity within the HR Department which commences in the initial days of employment through induction training and continues on throughout the employee’s career with Nectar through a variety of training programmes. In addition to this, we take pride in our specially designed training programme: Nectar Sales Academy.

Performance and Reward

Performance and Reward is an important feature of HR activity within Nectar. Performance Management allows the establishment of a shared understanding of what results must be achieved, how they are to be achieved and how to manage people in a way that increases the probability that such results are achieved. Performance Management advocates the significance of three equally important variables in the formula for business success: Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Business Results, all of which are equally important for Nectar’s success.


Nectar has always been at the forefront in the use of Information Technology as it deems such a tool as a fundamental asset to bring about efficiency and transparency.

The Nectar Active Market Navigator™ (NAMN) represents the embarkation on a new culture and mentality permeating through the organisation to bring about myriad benefits. Nectar developed and pioneered a unique mobile sales force system running on specially designed tablet devices for the Sales force and the management. It is a tool that ensures that Nectar remains proactive ahead of challenges, and give its Sales Representatives the opportunity to excel on the field. Nectar encourages its employees to make suggestions that will allow maximum benefits from the system, and thus, it is continuously updated and revised to meet these needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has grown within the organisation to become an inherent concept of business. With the belief that Nectar is an important organ of society, we aim to act as responsible citizens as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility based on four pillars, to make a positive difference to: our people, the environment, governance and the local community.