Worker Placing Items on shelf


The main aim of our logistics operations can be defined as having the right quantity of products at the right time, at the right place for the right price. This involves the integration of information, transportation, stock, and the purchasing function. To facilitate this interrelation of functions our logistics operations are guided by a MIS (Management Information System) that links Sales Orders to client locations and specific requirements, and optimal product reordering levels per product to expiry dates control.
Nectar Delivery Trucks Parked

Logistics Department

The Logistics Department is run by a team of over 40 members consisting of a Logistics Manager, a Warehouse Manager, Logistics Executives, Storekeepers, Warehouse and Delivery Personnel, Freezers and Maintenance Technicians, Helpers and a Mechanic.

The service provided by this department is highly efficient and is regulated internally by quality policies put in place by the Management in line with ISO 9001:2008. All data relating to each and every delivery is captured via a barcode on each invoice which keeps track of the whereabouts and final delivery status per order.

Nectar makes use of a GPS mobile fleet tracking system which can be accessed from any location to effectively plan, monitor and control fleet management.

The Warehouse

Nectar’s centrally located warehouses are modern fully-air conditioned buildings with a capacity of over 3300 pallet positions. Pallets are stacked and manoeuvred by trilateral battery operated lifters. In addition, Nectar has also largely invested in refrigeration and frozen storage facilities able of reaching temperatures lower than -26°C in a few minutes, with a capacity of over 800 pallet positions. Cold rooms are equipped with mobile shelving technology where applicable, which allows optimum utilisation of space, saving both energy and time. The state-of-the-art warehouse is Grade A certified by local Health Authorities.

Distribution Force

The distribution force is made up of more than 30 trucks used for the delivery of products to clients across Malta and Gozo, most of which eighteen are temperature controlled trucks. Another fleet of refrigerated trucks are used by the Frozen Van Sale Representatives.