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The Food and Beverage industry in Malta is in a period of unprecedented change. To achieve continued growth in the years ahead, flexible marketing activities that reflect ongoing changes in the operating environment will be indispensable. To augment the ability for further progress in this challenging setting, Nectar is working to bolster its distribution operations, with its activities guided by the slogan “sustainable marketing”


We have succeeded in building a high reputation with our clientele. Whenever the company launches a new product, the vast majority of retailers cooperate fully and are willing to test them. Our Marketing Department also provides support in promoting the products through point-of sales promotions and merchandising.


The pricing function is more important than ever. Price controlling agencies, such as governments and payers, are becoming even more stringent on companies to prove products’ value. While opting to distribute quality products, we at Nectar, believe in providing the customer a competitive price that reflects quality and consistent reliable service.


The Company’s fundamental Marketing Strategy in its distribution operations, its core field of business, calls for selecting products with distinctive strengths for intensive marketing activities focused on specific target markets.
Nectar is always on the look out for new business opportunities. However, we only get involved in those avenues which, through experience and market assessment, reveal an opportunity for growth and improved corporate performance. In this vein we engage with a broad range of stakeholders and work hard to understand their views and expectations of us so that our decisions are based firmly on knowledge and sound science.


Nectar’s extensive portfolio of food, beverage and confectionery products is widely stocked in all leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, groceries, canteens and cinemas amongst other outlets.