Nectar Secures the Employees’ Voice Award 2023

Nectar has been honoured with the Employees’ Voice Award 2023 in the category for businesses with 100-199 employees. This prestigious award is a collaboration between Business Leaders Malta and Esprimi, both of which are independent entities with no affiliations to Nectar. The award distinguishes organisations that value and prioritise employee feedback and engagement, underlining Nectar’s commendable efforts in this area.


For the Employees’ Voice Award, a number of organisations were evaluated based on the quality of their work environment and their receptiveness to employee feedback. A pivotal aspect of this intiative was a confidential survey administered to the employees of all companies partaking. Through this process, Esprimi gauged the sentiments of staff members about their respective workplaces. It was in this independent and wide-ranging assessment that Nectar emerged at the forefront, reflecting a superior commitment to its workforce.


“The award affirms Nectar’s consistent effort to be attentive and responsive to team feedback. In all our dealings, whether with international suppliers or local partners, maintaining open and honest communication with our employees is paramount,” shared Roderick Abela, CEO at Nectar.


Adding to this sentiment, Nectar’s Head of HR, Mark Bugeja, stated, “Our central aim has always been to understand and act upon our employees’ needs and feelings. Consistent feedback is foundational to this endeavour. The acknowledgment from Esprimi, having emerged from the confidential feedback of diverse employees across the company, fuels our drive to ensure an ever-improving work environment.”


For Nectar’s partners and stakeholders, this award signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to its team and the high standards it upholds. Backed by an engaged and satisfied workforce, Nectar continues to make its mark in the business realm.

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