Nectar and Marco Vella Wines Announce Collaboration

While Marco Vella Wines focuses on bringing a rich variety of wines to the Maltese shores, Nectar is a leading local importer and distributor of fast-moving consumer goods. The companies traditionally operate in different areas, yet Nectar and Marco Vella Wines have more in common than you might think. Indeed, their skills and values were made for each other. Nectar’s CCO Carlos Abela has affirmed “We are proud to announce a collaboration between Nectar and Marco Vella Wines that will bring together the unique, complementary skills of each company.

For Marco Vella, the decision was clear. He stands as one of Malta’s finest wine experts, with experience in the industry dating back to 1988. A commitment to making excellent wine accessible and available to both the average person and the connoisseur alike has been a key to his company’s success. However, this success and growth have put greater logistical challenges in front of Marco Vella Wines. Collaborating with Nectar enables Marco Vella Wines to focus on what they do best, build and promote an accomplished portfolio of wines.

“… Marco Vella Wines grew enough for it to reach a crossroads; one road led to the further development of distribution and logistics. The other option was to outsource sales, logistics and distribution to an expert in the industry. I chose the latter to be able to focus entirely on what Marco Vella Wines does best; promoting the world of wines. This collaboration will undoubtedly give my company the best future.”

When asked why he chose Nectar, Marco gave a concise answer that spoke to the common values both companies uphold;“I know Nectar and its directors. We share many values, such as integrity and a passion for what is right and fair. At Marco Vella Wines we put people before business and Nectar shares this.”

On the other hand, Nectar holds the highest regard for Marco Vella’s place in Malta’s gastronomical culture. This joint venture does not only entail growth for Nectar but enriches the company with the quality and passion for products that Marco Vella brings to the table.

Nectar’s CCO Carlos Abela had his own glowing comments about the partnership with Marco Vella Wines:

“We are excited about how this new project marks another important milestone in the history of the company. We see new collaborations and investments such as this as the key to strengthening Nectar’s position on both the retail and foodservice markets, as well as providing further diversification for the company.”

Nectar and Marco Vella Wines are a natural match with complementary skills, resources and values. Both parties foresee a bright future through this collaboration.

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