Health & Safety Highlighted in Recent Employee Training

Occupational Health and Safety is a subject that should be of concern for everyone who is employed or has loved ones who are. Literally, thousands of people suffer workplace incidents each year ranging from minor cuts to life-altering injuries. Nectar is dedicated to providing the most safety aware workplace possible for every member of its corporate family.

Recently all 170 of Nectar’s employees underwent a health and safety (H&S) course as is now mandatory. While the course may have been mandated, its benefits have extended far beyond its intended purpose.

Nectar has gained better-educated employees who can help avoid distress and loss of valuable resources caused by workplace injuries and who are more aware of their role as team members working in a common cause. Employees are now mindful of possible safety issues that could exist not only in the workplace but in their daily lives.

Nectar’s Head of HR Mark Bugeja said “This programme reaffirms Nectar’s long history of remaining dedicated to the personal development of its entire corporate family, across the board. Over the company’s almost thirty-year history it has established a long track record of developing talent from within and sees no reason to change the formula that has brought it so much success.”

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