From strength to strength – Nectar Ltd acquires distributorship of several household brands

For the first time in its thirty-year history, Nectar Ltd entered the household soap and detergent segment thanks to leading brands Scala, Madel, and Winni’s.

Scala is a long-established Italian brand that has led the local market for over 25 years. Their offering ranges from dish-washing liquid to fabric softeners, bathroom products, floor detergents, bleaches, hand soaps and many other hygiene products.

Winni’s offers a vast range of environmentally sustainable personal and home care products.  The brand goes to great lengths to replace chemical raw materials with natural ones and makes use of production processes that reduce emissions and are less and less dependent on depletable sources. Madel, compliments offerings from both Scala and Winni’s with an additional array of cleaning products.

“During these uncertain times, only one thing remains certain – our group’s commitment to continue to strive forward with an unwavering commitment to excellence in distribution”, Nectar Managing Director, Roderick Abela, said. “Times have been hard, but we believe in the resilience of our people, our products and our processes. That is why I am proud today to announce the distributorship of these fantastic brands which will continue to strengthen our presence within the local market.”

The brands will join the likes of Nestle ice cream, Pfanner, Pata, Orbit, Three Hills, Mayor and over 50 others currently within Nectar’s portfolio which caters to over 3,000 retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, pharmacies, and cinemas across the Maltese Islands. As of July first, the company also restructured its sales department to maximize client satisfaction whilst paving the way for future expansion.

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