MHOBA Rum is not just any rum. Mhoba is a boutique artisanal craft distillery that makes handmade sugarcane rum. Mhoba is the only distillery that makes rum from the specific varietal of sugarcane that they use. Most distillers make rum from molasses, Mhoba is different, they produce single origin pure Agricole style rum from sugarcane juice. This juice is extracted from their organic sugarcane that they farm on the Mhoba Sugar Estate. Agricole rum has its origins in the French Caribbean where they ferment the juice and then distil it to make rum. This is why Mhoba is known as an Agricole styled rum as it follows the same method as distilleries in the French Caribbean. It is not the real Mccoy but it is still unique as it is the only Agricole style rum in this geographical area.