Antica Gelateria del Corso

Antica Gelateria Del Corso is an ice-cream brand part of Nestle. In the early 20th century, in Parma’s Piazza Garibaldi there was an elegant cafè renowned for the quality of its ice cream. In this historical cafè, the young Giuseppe Tanara learnt the basics of the ice-cream making art, for which he had a special passion. Having become a master in a very short time and having realised his ice cream was so good that he could not meet everyone’s demand, he opened a large artisan shop. Over time, it turned into a small industry, yet his ice cream would never change: exclusively natural, selected and prime quality ingredients, such as Italian-made milk and cream, homemade traditional products with no artificial colourings, aromas and additives, special attention to the looks and the presentation. After establishing an Ice Cream School, Antica Gelateria del Corso still keeps reinterpreting, renovating and perfecting the best recipes from the Italian tradition with the same enthusiasm from back then.