Our Sales Policy revolves around the principle of focusing our sales efforts on few brands per Sales Representative with a view to get higher sales hits. Despite the higher cost, this approach has enabled Nectar to build a strong and focused sales network across Malta and Gozo, serving over 3,000 clients including all leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, groceries, canteens and cinemas amongst other outlets.

Sales Force Structure

Nectar Sales force is made up if teams, with each team focusing on specific brands or customer groups. These teams are Retail Food, Food Service, Van Sales, Retail Confectionery & Beverage and Wrigley Confectionery. Each team is headed by the a Manager who reports to the Head of Sales.

Retail Food Division and Retail Confectionery & Beverage Divisions

Retail Food and Retail Confectionery & Beverage Divisions are two separate teams consisting of a number of sales representatives, some of whom are responsible for Key Accounts such as Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, while the others each cover a specific geographic area around Malta and Gozo. Salesreps promote their respective assortment within their assigned portfolio.

Nectar Food Service Division

Serving an always increasing number of customers, the Food Service Division is made up of a team of Sales Representatives promoting specific brands suitable for hotels, restaurants and catering establishments through weekly visits, guaranteeing that adequate stocks are supplied on time.

Nectar Van Sale Division

The Sale Representatives within this team promote their portfolio of frozen brands, whilst serving their clientele there and then. Van Sales Representatives are each equipped with a refrigerated truck to deliver the order when requested.

Wrigley Confectionery Sales Division

This team of Sales Representatives, each responsible for a geographical area together with Field Merchandisers focus exclusively on the Wrigley product portfolio, more popularly known as Orbit Sugar Free Gum.

T.P.M. Division

Following the agreement with Magro Foods in April 2017, Nectar will be responsible to market and distribute their main brands.  Named after Three Hills, Pinto and Mayor, the aim of the new division is to enhance the distribution level to the end consumer. The portfolio of this division is further complimented by the household name in juices, Pfanner.

Sales Tools

Sales Representatives in each division visit customers on a regular basis depending on the potential and size of the customer. In the case of Key Accounts, more frequent visits are scheduled.

Throughout the years, Nectar developed and pioneered a customised CRM system, the NectarActive™ Market Navigator™, as a unique tool for the Sales Force. This system, tailored to maximize service and efficiency towards the customer, houses a digital product catalogue and empowers the Sales Representatives with instant up-to-date information on every customer. In addition, this CRM system instantly sends and processes orders via 3G technology hence enabling  shorter processing times and up-to-date Business Intelligence – to the benefit of its clients.

Exceptional Service

To retain the level of service, Nectar maintain a costly higher service employee to customer ratios. Sales people are also exposed to regular service training and motivated with employee performance and rewards schemes.