Nectar Ltd acquires sole direct distribution and marketing of Nestlé Ice Cream and Antica Gelateria brands in Malta

Following the international merger between Nestlé and R&R Foods, a new international company called Froneri was formed. Subsequent to the necessary evaluations, Froneri has decided to continue its relationship with Nectar, who was until 2017 an exclusive distributor of Nestlé Malta for these brands. As from January 2018, Nectar commenced handling directly the full operation in Malta, including those responsibilities formerly handled by Nestlé Malta.

Mr Roberto Pregnolato, Froneri’s Export Manager, said: “As ice-cream brands, both Nestlé and Antica Gelateria have a strong reputation and recognition among the Maltese population and, with Nectar Ltd, we will be capitalizing on this. Nectar was a natural choice as the company has a strong and extensive sales and distribution network reaching all localities on both islands in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Undoubtedly, this is a key factor for the two brands’ further success in Malta. Also, apart from having modern storage and warehousing facilities, Nectar has proper structures in place that can handle both present and future Nestlé and Antica Gelateria ice-creams’ sales and distribution requirements.”

Carlos Abela, director at Nectar Ltd said: “Nestlé and Antica Gelateria ice-cream brands are two prestigious brands and this is an exciting milestone for Nectar Ltd’s extensive brand portfolio as they offer Nectar bigger synergies and strengths in different market sectors. Despite the ever-increasing market challenges, Nectar will keep making significant strides forward, as it has done unfailingly year on year. While at present, preparations are underway prior to the start of the season, customers are being notified of this change”, said Mr Abela.

Nestlé Malta Ltd. is looking forward towards the dynamic continuation of the ice cream business through one of its distributors, since Nectar continues to distribute Buitoni frozen products on behalf of Nestlé Malta Ltd.


Litter Less Campaign

Over thirty young reporters have this morning witnessed the release of 2 loggerhead turtles during the launch ceremony of the Litter Less Campaign at Golden Bay. Malta officially joins the international campaign through the YRE (Young Reporters for the Environment) programme run by Nature Trust – FEE Malta. Workshop sessions about marine litter, the delicate sand dune ecosystems and the alignment of the campaign to the United Nations- SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were held on the sandy beach.

The Litter Less Campaign ( is a joint initiative of the Wrigley Company Foundation, locally represented by Nectar Limited, and FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education). It is implemented in schools running the Eco-Schools, LEAF (Learning About Forests) and/or YRE programmes. The Campaign aims to engage and educate young people on the issue of litter and encourage them to make positive choices. Young journalists are encouraged to carry out investigations on local environmental issues and report through investigative reporting and photojournalism.   Participating schools will be able to network with students from the 10 participating countries and produce joint projects.

Schools may be assisted through in house workshops to produce articles, videos and photos addressing key litter issues. They are also urged to organise a Community Action Day to reach out to the wider school community and to further promote their campaigns through local media. Exhibits showcasing the students’ work will be put up at St James Cavalier for viewing by the local public during a month long exhibition organised by Action Planet. Apart from the funding received to complete their campaigns, local schools will also be competing with their international counterparts for international prizes.

Present for the launch ceremony was Mr Vincent Attard – Nature Trust-FEE Malta Executive President and also Hon. Jose Herrera – Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change who distributed a number of grants to the selected schools in order to complete their campaigns. The event was supported by Majjistral Nature and History Park, Gaia Foundation, Din l-Art Helwa, the Scout Association of Malta, WasteServ, Malta Tourism Authority and Nectar Limited.

Nectar supports ‘Tetra għall-Istrina’ Campaign

Nectar has endorsed Green MT’s Tetra ghall-Istrina’ campaign. The environmental initiative, which runs up until the week of l-istrina, forms part of the European Week for Waste Reduction launched across EU member states on the 18th November 2017. The public is being encouraged to dispose of recycling Tetra Pak cartons of milk and juices at various locations listed on the Green MT’s Facebook Page. All empty Tetra Pak cartons collected during the campaign, will be exchanged for a monetary donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

As part of its ongoing CSR efforts and a continuous drive to lower pollution, Nectar affixed specially-designed biodegradable wobblers at over 900 shops to spread more public awareness of this campaign. 

Tetra għall-Istrina was launched by H.E. the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca at San Anton Palace and is endorsed by a good number of local councils, schools and catering establishments. The scheme is reaching collections of 150 large grey or green bags filled with milk and carton juices daily.

Further information can be obtained by phoning Green MT on free phone 80074444, or on their Facebook page.

Nectar reduced its traditional energy footprint by at least 50%

The wondrously clean solar power is now fuelling the energy needs of Nectar, whose distribution network spans the length and breadth of the Maltese islands and brings refrigerated, frozen and dry goods to local storefronts round-the-clock.

The company has installed 1,086 photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of Nectar head office in Ta’ Qali, generating 276.722 of kWp (kilowatt peak) power and reducing the company’s utility bill by half. The company also installed a concealed irrigation system to ensure that the solar panels remain clean and absorb maximum solar heat.

“Nectar is investing in cleaner and more sustainable operations. Whilst the solar farm diversifies our energy mix, it allows us to make a huge leap in making our operations more sustainable,” said Nectar general manager Andrea Agius.

Sustainability is a guiding business principal at Nectar. The company has replaced all its traditional lights with motion-sensor LEDs at its warehouse, restrooms and office corridors. Further, it has leased new vehicles which consume less fuel and operate with a ‘stop&start’ system. Plans are afoot to install energy-efficient lighting on the building’s facade also.

Previously, an external audit by the Malta Business Bureau, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association acknowledged Nectar’s water-saving measures as “an excellent example of best practice in water conservation”.

Established in 1991, Nectar has one of the largest sales forces in Malta with 50 sales personnel, representing over 50 renowned brands spread over six sales divisions. Its extensive portfolio of food, beverage and confectionery products is widely stocked in all leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, groceries, pharmacies and health shops, apart from other outlets.  In recent years, ISO certified Nectar won awards for equality, learning and development, performance orientation, technology, job satisfaction, and health and safety.

Arrive Fresh

Chewing gum is the second most consumed product in cars. A promotional campaign, co-funded by brand owners, Mars Incorporated and Nectar Limited, successfully branded this consumption pattern.




The effort helped both companies reach the marketing and sales objectives sought locally, in that it associated Orbit chewing gum with driving and increased sales of bottled gum considerably, compared to the same period last year. The core initiatives saw Orbit featured within key fuel stations, main retail outlets, Gozo channel vessels and Malta’s International Airport. Orbit was also heavily advertised during popular drive time radio shows and on main social media platforms.


Nectar wins Employees’ Voice Award, twice in three years

Nectar, the importers and distributors of an extensive portfolio of food, beverage and confectionery products, widely stocked in over 3,100 retail outlets, is the overall winner of the Employee’s Voice award in the 60 to 149 employees category of the Business Leaders Malta (BLM) staff survey. This award recognises organisations for their outstanding work in employee engagement.

The researched survey carried out towards the end of 2016 identifies seven pillars of immediate interest to employers and employees. These are: communication and team cohesiveness, employee well being, performance, training and development, corporate culture, leadership effectiveness, and reward and recognition.

Nectar’s Managing Director Roderick Abela said: “This is the second time in three years that Nectar has won this particular award. Our board of directors is pleased with this latest achievement, first and foremost because we were judged by our own employees, and secondly winning it twice in a span of three years shows that we are consistent in providing a great place to work. This award belongs to our employees who contribute to having such a great work environment as they share the Company’s vision, and therefore we dedicate this prestigious and meaningful award to all our employees.”

“Nectar is endeavouring to further encourage and support the employee’s voice, as a number of internal workshops are being planned/organised to better understand the requirements of our employees,” added Mr Abela.

Magro Brothers and Nectar develop a new distribution relationship

Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd. announced that in addition to Pinto’s Pride, Nectar Ltd. will sell and distribute another four of their brands across Malta and Gozo from the beginning of April 2017. The additional four Magro brands are Jolly, Tomafina and the ever so popular Three Hills and Mayor.

“As we continuously seek to add convenience to our clients, we see great opportunity for continued growth,” explains Mr Christian Magro, general manager of Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd. “The distribution channel, however, remains key to delivering our products to the market across Malta and Gozo in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. For this purpose, we are now teaming up with Nectar Ltd. to further improve efficiency and service levels to our clients. As we continue to expand Magro Brothers’ product offerings and brands, Nectar has modern warehousing and storage facilities as well as proper structures in place able to handle both present and future sales and distribution requirements.”

Mr Andrea Agius, general manager of Nectar Ltd, said: “Magro Brothers’ pristine reputation for the production and provision of quality food will now be combined with the strong and extensive sales and distribution network that we, at Nectar, have developed within the food and beverage sector over the past 25 years. Today, Nectar sells and distributes ambient, chilled and frozen products on a daily basis across both islands, using experienced salespersons backed by custom-built software technologies and a fleet of modern trucks. From a trained sales force of over 50 employees, Nectar has already assigned a team of dedicated sales professionals specifically to grow the already very well-established Magro Brothers’ brands.”

Magro Brothers celebrated their centenary anniversary in 2016 and over the years they have successfully introduced various locally made products. Today, market leaders such as Mayor and Three Hills represent Magro Brothers’ philosophy in their continuous search for excellence. Their relationship with Nectar Ltd. will further strengthen their footprint on the local market

Nectar shares its distribution expertise with university students

Nectar, based at Ta’ Qali, opened up its doors to a group of University of Malta students who were on a mission to unravel the complexities of resource planning at large scale food and beverage distribution companies.

The second-year Mechanical Engineering students had to investigate best practices in the manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) for their grades. Nectar’s footprint across Malta and Gozo and its recent implementation of the latest ERP solution, by Microsoft Dynamics AX, made the company a natural choice for students to study.

“Products from Nectar’s portfolio are stocked in over 3,100 retail spaces and this poses numerous challenges in the area of food safety, regulatory directives, and customer demands. This, coupled with Nectar’s more than 25 years of expertise, made it an ideal business for the students to study. We are committed to supporting social and educational learning for a better society,” said Nectar general manager Andrea Agius.

Student Jennies Mallia said: “Our assignment was a challenging one but the enthusiasm of Nectar staff made it a fruitful experience for us. As Nectar was transitioning to the latest ERP solution, we could ask questions, understand the differences, and overall add more value to our learning. We managed more than what we had hoped for.”

Established in 1991, Nectar has one of the largest sales forces in Malta with 50 sales personnel, representing over 50 renowned brands spread over six sales divisions. Its extensive portfolio of food, beverage and confectionery products is widely stocked in all leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, groceries, pharmacies and health shops , apart from other outlets. In recent years, ISO certified Nectar won awards for equality, learning and development, performance orientation, technology, job satisfaction, and health and safety.

C.S.R. Day

On Saturday 18th March, a record number of 15 leading companies in Malta took part in the 16th Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day. Hundreds of team members from participated in an impressive show of commitment to social transformation.

The annual CSR Day evolved out of the feast of St Joseph the Worker, the latter being also a public holiday.

Nectar volunteers organized an outing with the kids of Ursuline Sisters of Tarxien. They spent a fatastic morning together, visiting the National Aquarium in Qawra, enjoying some play time at the park and afterwards lunch.

Nectar goes cleaning at Gnien l-Gharusa tal-Mosta

December 3rd 2016. Nectar employees ensured that Gnien l-Gharusa tal-Mosta at Santa Margerita area in Mosta was in ship-shape condition and tidy for the community to enjoy after staff members, managers and Nectar Directors took part in a much needed clean-up of this beautiful public garden facing one of Malta’s best landscapes. Equipped with biodegradable garbage bags, gloves, and spades, staff members filled several large garbage bags and a wheelie litter bin full to the brim with all sorts of accumulated garbage.

“As a food and beverage company, we are aware of our obligations to the environment as well as to the community. Nectar encourages such initiatives Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes” said Nectar General Manager Andrea Agius after the event.