Nectar reduced its traditional energy footprint by at least 50%

The wondrously clean solar power is now fuelling the energy needs of Nectar, whose distribution network spans the length and breadth of the Maltese islands and brings refrigerated, frozen and dry goods to local storefronts round-the-clock.

The company has installed 1,086 photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of Nectar head office in Ta’ Qali, generating 276.722 of kWp (kilowatt peak) power and reducing the company’s utility bill by half. The company also installed a concealed irrigation system to ensure that the solar panels remain clean and absorb maximum solar heat.

“Nectar is investing in cleaner and more sustainable operations. Whilst the solar farm diversifies our energy mix, it allows us to make a huge leap in making our operations more sustainable,” said Nectar general manager Andrea Agius.

Sustainability is a guiding business principal at Nectar. The company has replaced all its traditional lights with motion-sensor LEDs at its warehouse, restrooms and office corridors. Further, it has leased new vehicles which consume less fuel and operate with a ‘stop&start’ system. Plans are afoot to install energy-efficient lighting on the building’s facade also.

Previously, an external audit by the Malta Business Bureau, the Malta Chamber of Commerce and the Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association acknowledged Nectar’s water-saving measures as “an excellent example of best practice in water conservation”.

Established in 1991, Nectar has one of the largest sales forces in Malta with 50 sales personnel, representing over 50 renowned brands spread over six sales divisions. Its extensive portfolio of food, beverage and confectionery products is widely stocked in all leading supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, groceries, pharmacies and health shops, apart from other outlets.  In recent years, ISO certified Nectar won awards for equality, learning and development, performance orientation, technology, job satisfaction, and health and safety.