Nectar Rebrands Following 25 Successful Years

Nectar is experiencing a stark shift in the image this year as it undergoes a total rebrand owing to its 25th year anniversary. This company traces its steps back to 1991, and since Charles Abela created his brainchild twenty-five years ago, Nectar Group of Companies as it was known until recently, has always worked towards one clear goal, excelling in the industry and promoting Best Practices, Excellence, Society and Teamwork (B.E.S.T.).

The new branding encapsulates the company’s development and visually demonstrates this evolution. The logo is representative of the global connections and teamwork which contributes to the leading company Nectar has come to be.

The new image revolves around the Nectar logo with colour tones that have been modified to mirror the company’s bright and vibrant attitude towards the creation of its food and beverage distribution sector. The symbol which extends from the logo makes reference to Nectar’s global connections and nature’s infinite goodness which lies at its core. The icon resembles a honeycomb which mirrors the resilient structure of the business, while the inspiration was also derived from the worker bee; whose dedication and commitment is a reflection of the work ethic and collaborative perseverance that define Nectar.

Everyone can now notice the radical changes taking place, from the brand’s logo and refreshed image. The company`s seventy plus vehicles roaming and proudly displaying the new wrapping are now more evident. Signage, corporate stationery and employees uniforms can also be noticed.

This new chapter will drive the Nectar Family to keep “Following its Core Values with Same Pride and New Image” … NECTAR – Excellence in Distribution.