Nectar Ltd acquires sole direct distribution and marketing of Nestlé Ice Cream and Antica Gelateria brands in Malta

Following the international merger between Nestlé and R&R Foods, a new international company called Froneri was formed. Subsequent to the necessary evaluations, Froneri has decided to continue its relationship with Nectar, who was until 2017 an exclusive distributor of Nestlé Malta for these brands. As from January 2018, Nectar commenced handling directly the full operation in Malta, including those responsibilities formerly handled by Nestlé Malta.

Mr Roberto Pregnolato, Froneri’s Export Manager, said: “As ice-cream brands, both Nestlé and Antica Gelateria have a strong reputation and recognition among the Maltese population and, with Nectar Ltd, we will be capitalizing on this. Nectar was a natural choice as the company has a strong and extensive sales and distribution network reaching all localities on both islands in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Undoubtedly, this is a key factor for the two brands’ further success in Malta. Also, apart from having modern storage and warehousing facilities, Nectar has proper structures in place that can handle both present and future Nestlé and Antica Gelateria ice-creams’ sales and distribution requirements.”

Carlos Abela, director at Nectar Ltd said: “Nestlé and Antica Gelateria ice-cream brands are two prestigious brands and this is an exciting milestone for Nectar Ltd’s extensive brand portfolio as they offer Nectar bigger synergies and strengths in different market sectors. Despite the ever-increasing market challenges, Nectar will keep making significant strides forward, as it has done unfailingly year on year. While at present, preparations are underway prior to the start of the season, customers are being notified of this change”, said Mr Abela.

Nestlé Malta Ltd. is looking forward towards the dynamic continuation of the ice cream business through one of its distributors, since Nectar continues to distribute Buitoni frozen products on behalf of Nestlé Malta Ltd.