Magro Brothers and Nectar develop a new distribution relationship

Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd. announced that in addition to Pinto’s Pride, Nectar Ltd. will sell and distribute another four of their brands across Malta and Gozo from the beginning of April 2017. The additional four Magro brands are Jolly, Tomafina and the ever so popular Three Hills and Mayor.

“As we continuously seek to add convenience to our clients, we see great opportunity for continued growth,” explains Mr Christian Magro, general manager of Magro Brothers (Foods) Ltd. “The distribution channel, however, remains key to delivering our products to the market across Malta and Gozo in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. For this purpose, we are now teaming up with Nectar Ltd. to further improve efficiency and service levels to our clients. As we continue to expand Magro Brothers’ product offerings and brands, Nectar has modern warehousing and storage facilities as well as proper structures in place able to handle both present and future sales and distribution requirements.”

Mr Andrea Agius, general manager of Nectar Ltd, said: “Magro Brothers’ pristine reputation for the production and provision of quality food will now be combined with the strong and extensive sales and distribution network that we, at Nectar, have developed within the food and beverage sector over the past 25 years. Today, Nectar sells and distributes ambient, chilled and frozen products on a daily basis across both islands, using experienced salespersons backed by custom-built software technologies and a fleet of modern trucks. From a trained sales force of over 50 employees, Nectar has already assigned a team of dedicated sales professionals specifically to grow the already very well-established Magro Brothers’ brands.”

Magro Brothers celebrated their centenary anniversary in 2016 and over the years they have successfully introduced various locally made products. Today, market leaders such as Mayor and Three Hills represent Magro Brothers’ philosophy in their continuous search for excellence. Their relationship with Nectar Ltd. will further strengthen their footprint on the local market