Nestlé Ice cream supports Malta Beach Soccer Association for the next three years

The iconic Nestlé Ice Cream brand will be the platinum sponsor of the Malta Beach Soccer Association (MBSA) for years 2020-2023. This was announced by Nectar Ltd, exclusive distributor and brand representative of Nestlé Ice Creams in Malta, and MBSA in a joint statement issued today. 

The Malta Beach Soccer Association was founded in 2011 and enjoys a stable affiliation with the Malta Football Association (MFA), the Malta Olympic Committee (MOC), and SPORTMALTA. The Malta tournaments are held intermittently. The game was most popular during the early and late 2000s with more than 24 teams participating in the 4-week Malta Tournament held in various bays around Malta.

Pio Vassallo, MBSA President, said: “Our Association appreciates the valuable support that Nestlé Ice Cream  will be extending to MBSA and its tournaments for the coming three years.  Keeping in mind that beach soccer is still a relatively new sport in Malta, through this financial help, MBSA will be increasing beach soccer awareness around Malta while focussing on corporate stability and growth based on a 2020-2024 strategic plan.  Following the assurance of Nestlé Ice Cream’s three-year support, MBSA can now work towards long-term sustainability by encouraging beach soccer academies as these can provide both training and development opportunities. Furthermore, COVID-19 permitting, this year we are organising the National Beach Soccer Tournament between 27 August and 6 September.”

Carlos Abela, Nectar’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Nestlé Ice Creams have a strong reputation and recognition in Malta which are further strengthened through new and exciting ranges introduced every summer.  Nectar Ltd anticipates that this sponsorship will further sustain Nestlé Ice Creams’ popularity while giving a fresh and dynamic impetus to beach soccer as a result of the Malta Beach Soccer Association’s three-year strategic plan.”

The MBSA, together with the MFA and Birżebbuġa Local Council, will be organising the Nestlé Ice cream Beach Soccer Tournament for male and female players in Pretty Bay, Birżebbuġa. Exhibition matches will be played by the Ladies Team and the Ex-National Team, while tournaments will also be held for Girls U/12 and U/15. Finals are scheduled for Saturday 5 September. The closing date for applications is Friday 14 August. The public can attend free of charge. Apart from trophies and medals for the winning teams, there will be entertainment on-site and many other prizes to be won.

For more information about the Malta Beach Soccer Association or to apply for the upcoming Nestlé Ice cream National Beach Soccer Tournament, kindly send an email on, visit the Association’s Facebook page on or visit our Instagram Page @Malta Beach Soccer

Honouring the memory of Nectar’s founder

The directors of Nectar Limited decided to honour the memory of the founder Mr Charles Abela (1952 – 2010) by transforming his own office into a well-designed memorial room celebrating the various aspects of his life since childhood.

While the original features of his office were all retained, other significant items displayed in elegant showcases include not only items related to the setting up and development of his business, like his first business ledger, but also photos highlighting the salient moments in his personal life. Exhibited items vary from a school exercise book from the 1966 showing Mr Abela’s ability in translating excerpts from Julius Caesar’s De Bello Gallico from Latin into English at the age of 14 years to his school satchel which was recently discovered. A short video pays tribute to his integrity, experience, humility and discipline, all qualities that stood out in his work.

Other memorabilia items portray his love for football. The Mosta community greatly benefited from Mr Abela’s generosity during his nine-year stint as President of Mosta FC, in which time Mosta also won the promotion to the MFA Premier Division. As a result, the Mosta football ground was officially named Charles Abela Memorial Stadium. In 2010, he was awarded posthumously Ġieħ il-Mosta in appreciation for his contribution to the community.

The memorial room, which was blessed by Mons Joseph Agius, also comprises the boardroom table on which major decisions about the company’s development have been taken.

Nectar’s Chief Executive Officer, Roderick Abela, said: “What we admire most in our father are his values together with his clear vision and sense of purpose in life.  He never shied away from taking difficult decisions when certain situations demanded such actions. After building the business literally from scratch and putting it on firm foundations, he has bequeathed us with a cherished legacy that we treasure both as a family and a business. Therefore, we decided to develop his office in a memorial room to celebrate his life and his legacy for many years to come.”

Nectar’s Chief Commercial Officer, Carlos Abela, commented: “Our main goals are to meet clients’ demands as well as always looking to progress and better ourselves, however, we must never lose sight of how our business was established. Therefore, the conversion of our founder’s office into a memorial room ensures that all those who are linked to the company, as well as clients that visit us, will always remember our founder and the hard-work that went into building this organisation on solid foundations.” Mr Abela noted that this memorial room does not only portray Charles the businessman, but also Charles as a family man and a respected member of the Mosta community.

Nectar’s Ongoing Commitment to Quality

Nectar has been recertified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 by the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA), showcasing a 15 year long commitment to its customers and the quality of the services it provides.

The International Organisation for Standardisation in Geneva, Switzerland, develops market-relevant standards to solve problems on a global scale, supporting innovation among companies. ISO 9001:2015 is a quality management certification based on seven core principles. Namely customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, sustained improvement, evidence-based decision making, and relationship management.

“It is no easy feat to achieve these credentials. For a company to be certified it must understand the benefits of working with the global business community. A thorough quality management system is required, enabling a customer-focused approach and ensuring sound business processes through corrective and preventative measures” said Mark Bugeja, Head of HR at Nectar Limited.

Roderick Abela, Nectar’s CEO said “This is an important accolade for Nectar. It’s a vital part of our image, demonstrating that we are resolved to meet consensus-based international standards which are often necessary for customers and suppliers who do business with us. It offers our stakeholders reassurance that we remain focused on their needs”.

Health & Safety Highlighted in Recent Employee Training

Occupational Health and Safety is a subject that should be of concern for everyone who is employed or has loved ones who are. Literally, thousands of people suffer workplace incidents each year ranging from minor cuts to life-altering injuries. Nectar is dedicated to providing the most safety aware workplace possible for every member of its corporate family.

Recently all 170 of Nectar’s employees underwent a health and safety (H&S) course as is now mandatory. While the course may have been mandated, its benefits have extended far beyond its intended purpose.

Nectar has gained better-educated employees who can help avoid distress and loss of valuable resources caused by workplace injuries and who are more aware of their role as team members working in a common cause. Employees are now mindful of possible safety issues that could exist not only in the workplace but in their daily lives.

Nectar’s Head of HR Mark Bugeja said “This programme reaffirms Nectar’s long history of remaining dedicated to the personal development of its entire corporate family, across the board. Over the company’s almost thirty-year history it has established a long track record of developing talent from within and sees no reason to change the formula that has brought it so much success.”

Italian Master Gelatiere reveals latest ice-cream trends

Based in Parma, a group of experts at Antica Gelateria del Corso are constantly searching for new products. Striving for excellence over the years, the close collaboration between confectionery artisans and marketing specialists constitutes the key to this top brand’s success first in Italy, and subsequently in other countries including Malta.
One of the experts spearheading Antica Gelateria’s search for excellence in the ice-cream sector is Alfonso Poldi Allay Patarino, dean of the company’s academy. He has been invited to Malta by Nectar Ltd, importers of Antica Gelateria’s range of ice cream products, to deliver a day-long fine ice cream savouring and presentation session for hoteliers, restaurateurs and bar tenders.
“Did you know that a combination of a very welcoming atmosphere in an outlet, a nicely organised ice cream display and sales persons with a professional attitude is what entices customers to go for an ice cream? And this is irrispective of whether one is on the beach in summer or in a mountain resort in winter” explained master gelatiere Alfonso.
During the savouring session Alfonso emphasised on the importance of this aspect. He presented participants with various types of ice cream and explained practical rules and pearls of expertise on their preparation in cones, cups, glasses and plates to create their own ice cream menu using their flair so that they respond in style to customers’ tastes.
“Antica Gelateria del Corso interprets the best tradition of Italian ice cream by combining experience and innovation in a unique and refined style. Using simple, easy-to-make decorations, participants learned how they can present at their customers’ table refined and exclusive ice cream desserts to remember,” said Nectar’s Chief Commercial Officer Carlos Abela “The Academy of Ice Cream of Antica Gelateria was established in 1999 as a real university of professionals for professionals. Today, Maltese hoteliers, restaurateurs and bartenders have benefited from the Academy’s expertise and experience as delivered by master gelatiere Alfonso Poldi Allay Patarino. He explained how to create a vast array of mouthwatering recipes while matching innovation with some fantastic ice cream creations.”

Workplace practices at Nectar

Equality in the workplace is essential whether you have two or hundreds of employees. Everyone deserves to work in an environment free from victimisation, harassment, discrimination, and bullying. This is why at Nectar we have made it our purpose to keep current with all the relevant policies and practices to ensure an unbiased environment. In recognition of our commitment, in particular to gender equality and family friendly measures at the place of work and in the access to and the provision of goods and services, the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has fully certified and awarded our organisation the mark of equality.

Embracing good equality practices benefits not only the individual but the company as a whole. It is a given that teams functioning within an unbiased environment are more likely to have positive working relationships, healthier synergies, are more productive and less likely to seek change. Perhaps, a less obvious advantage which is as beneficial lies in the fact that a heterogeneous staff often equates to a more expansive network. A diverse organisation appeals to a wider audience. Today we not only facilitate equality but also hire people from all walks of life to improve diversity.

Ultimately, a workplace that embraces equality produces a constructive outcome. Nectar remains committed to retain and improve on the guiding principles which made this certification possible.

Nectar expands its business with Italian premium chocolate portfolio

Following the recent expansion of its portfolio of confectionery brands with the takeover of Goodies Ltd, Nectar is now importing and distributing, among others, the renowned Italian chocolate brand, ICAM, a premium confectioner with over 70 years’ experience. Its range consists of professional chocolate for caterers, the cioco pasticceria retail range, and the Vanini retail chocolate bars.

Bearing the ‘Made in Italy’ quality pledge, ICAM’s Linea Professionale offers professional pastry chefs, ice-cream makers and catering concerns a complete range of chocolate that delivers high performance and intense taste in confectionery, chocolate and ice-cream products.

As the versatility of ICAM’s professional chocolate lines evolved, becoming an increasingly popular preference among confectioners, ICAM also developed its cioco pasticceria retail range  consisting of melting chocolate, choc chip and cocoa powder, and designed to turn anyone into a skilled pastry chef, with gluten-free recipes everyone can enjoy.

The extensive range of Vanini retail chocolate bars, which are now already available in supermarkets and groceries, embodies the passion and virtuosity of the Agostoni-Vanini family for genuine Italian-crafted chocolate culture.

“The acquisition of these portfolios is in line with Nectar’s unflinching commitment to grow its product range. The additional ICAM favourite brands will lend versatility as well as further depth and strength to our existing vast offer of confectionery goods as we continue to build our footprint as one of the leading providers of foodstuffs in Malta within both the retail and catering sector,” said Roderick Abela, Nectar’s Managing Director.

Unveiling of restored Immaculate Conception painting sponsored by Nectar

A painting dedicated to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception displayed in St Andrew’s Chapel at Tal-Qares in Mosta has been unveiled after months of extensive conservation and restoration. The full restoration process on the canvas and the oil painting itself was sponsored by Nectar in line with its core values of social responsibility.

A ceremony was held for the community, benefactors and sponsors during which Raymond Grasso, PRO for Ċentru Pastorali Sant’Andrija delivered a short description of the historical heritage of the chapel, while Valentina Lupo, paintings conservator at Atelier del Restauro, spoke about the various steps undertaken in the restoration. The guests were also addressed by Mons Edgar Vella, Fr Antoine Borg, and the Archpriest of Mosta Fr Sebastian Caruana.

“The origins and period of the painting are unknown unfortunately, although it is calculated to be a late 18th century painting from the distinct brown colour and open weave texture of the canvas,” said Raymond Grasso.

Nectar’s Director Roderick Abela said: “The oil painting was in a poor state of conservation and called for an immediate restoration intervention. Nectar immediately responded to the appeal by Ċentru Pastorali Sant’Andrija situated in Tal-Qares area. Now that the painting is fully restored, it will continue to be enjoyed by the present community and by future generations.”

Built around 1436 in honour of St Andrew, the chapel was re-built in 1657. In 1693, the then Bishop of Malta Fra Davide Cocco Palmieri conducted a pastoral visit and declared the chapel to have the appropriate facilities to be able to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. The chapel was then affiliated to the Mellieħa Parish in 1916. St Andrew’s Chapel has eventually served under three parishes – Mellieħa, Naxxar and Mosta, all dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Ironman Rudolph

It’s a fact, triathlon is a very demanding sport built on endurance and a winning mentality. It requires firm dedication and long hours of very hard training. All too familiar to one of the most well rounded national athletes, Rudolph Agius who has been practicing triathlon since 2010. He is a man of great courage, commitment and ambition who deserves both moral backing and financial aid. In Rudolph’s own words “For years, Nectar’s support enabled me to participate and represent Malta in some of the top triathlons around the world.”


Rudolph has been carrying our logo in all national and international competitions he participated in. He has recently placed 15th within his age group at the Frankfurt European Championship. This granted him access to the globally renowned Ironman World Championship, which is taking place in Hawaii this coming October. We would wish Rudolph the best of luck but as some say, we are sure men of steel make their own luck.

Nectar Superheroes Team-building Event

Nectar recently held a team building event for around a hundred of their employees. Participants at the half-day event, which was held at Paradise Bay, were treated to a series of fun games, designed specifically for helping the whole team gel better together. The main theme for the event was Superheroes, with the underlying message was that every employee, regardless of role, individually and within the team, is of fundamental importance in the success of the company. On the sand, next to the water’s edge, ‘Superhero’ teams battled it out between them, using their talents, ingenuity and their skills at working together.

Nectar has built its business through empowerment and effective teamwork. Apart from treating team Nectar to a fun day out, this team building event has helped maintain the momentum towards achieving even better results together.