Meatless Farm

People say change is for the brave. Well, maybe it is. But what if we told you change was a lot easier than you think and already happening.

At Meatless Farm we don’t feed plants to animals to eventually turn them into meat. We use peas and beans and other plants naturally grown on the fields instead, nurtured by the rain and sun and nothing else… to provide the future source of protein.

This is harvested and milled into a fine flour and then mixed with water and oils under enormous steam pressure. These strings of pure plant protein are then combined with natural ingredients and flavours and finally formed into our delicious plant-based products, like our burgers, ground mince and sausages.

All your favourite food, minus the bad stuff!

Which means we use a lot less energy, less water and release a lot less greenhouse gasses into the air.

It’s so much better for your health and for our planet.

We’ve found a flawless, more sustainable and healthier way to produce meaty products, simply by taking the animal out of the equation.