Nectar Rebrands Following 25 Successful Years

Nectar is experiencing a stark shift in the image this year as it undergoes a total rebrand owing to its 25th year anniversary. This company traces its steps back to 1991, and since Charles Abela created his brainchild twenty-five years ago, Nectar Group of Companies as it was known until recently, has always worked towards one clear goal, excelling in the industry and promoting Best Practices, Excellence, Society and Teamwork (B.E.S.T.).

The new branding encapsulates the company’s development and visually demonstrates this evolution. The logo is representative of the global connections and teamwork which contributes to the leading company Nectar has come to be.

The new image revolves around the Nectar logo with colour tones that have been modified to mirror the company’s bright and vibrant attitude towards the creation of its food and beverage distribution sector. The symbol which extends from the logo makes reference to Nectar’s global connections and nature’s infinite goodness which lies at its core. The icon resembles a honeycomb which mirrors the resilient structure of the business, while the inspiration was also derived from the worker bee; whose dedication and commitment is a reflection of the work ethic and collaborative perseverance that define Nectar.

Everyone can now notice the radical changes taking place, from the brand’s logo and refreshed image. The company`s seventy plus vehicles roaming and proudly displaying the new wrapping are now more evident. Signage, corporate stationery and employees uniforms can also be noticed.

This new chapter will drive the Nectar Family to keep “Following its Core Values with Same Pride and New Image” … NECTAR – Excellence in Distribution.

Nectar Celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

An open day was recently organised for all Nectar employees and their families at the company`s premises. Employees and families got together for a day of fun, and leisure as well as taking the opportunity to for employees to show their loved ones our offices and warehouses. An area where work by young Nectar `artistes` was also set up showing works done by employees children and were a Nectar goodies bag was given out. An abundance of food, drink and ice creams was provided for those who attended. Special thanks go to Mr Mark Bugeja for the co ordination and the impeccable organisation from Jugs and catering by Maypole.

Nectar Celebrates with Christmas Events.

On Friday 11th December the Directors `Christmas party was held at the Radisson Blu in St Julian’s. Also on the 18th December the traditional staff party was held inside the Nectar premises where the new Nectar logo was unveiled. As always most of the employees both events and took the opportunity to give their best wishes to friends and colleagues over a few (or more) drinks.


Following Pink October, the company decided to support another just cause which is committed to Men living happier, healthier, longer lives.

Movember focuses mainly on raising awareness, action and funds particularly on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

For the 30 days of the month of November, moustaches turn the men who proudly wear it; as a walking and talking billboard for men’s health.

For our Movember activity, we decided to have a competition between our male employees.

The Men, who were interested, started the month of November with a clean shave, and then not doing so for the whole 30 days of November. All the participants were photographed as from their very first day, followed with weekly updates throughout the whole month and all photographs were posted on Facebook so that the progress of each growing beard is followed and voted for.

Pink October

With the help of our employees Nectar dedicated two days; during the month of October for the cause known as Pink October. On both dates the 23rd of October and the 30th of October a Dress down day was held with sponsored Pink October Shirts. These t-shirts were distributed to all company employees who showed interest in wearing one and were encouraged to donate for the cause. Nectar Group decided to give their support to the just cause of Pink October!

The initiative behind the globally celebrated Pink October is to generate awareness, encourage both men and women to take action and to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.
The employees of Nectar Group managed to raise the total sum of €220.

Thank you all for participating and donating for this cause!

Takeover of Calleja Fisheries Ltd

After several months of discussions & negotiations Nectar group have reached an agreement with the owners of Calleja Fisheries Ltd to take over the company as from June 2015.
Calleja Fisheries has been operating within the fish sector for the last 10 years, during which it grew significantly thanks to the accumulated expertise in the supply of fresh and frozen, local and imported fish and fish products. The company, which is currently based in Marsa, also has production, processing and export licenses to deal in fish products.

This knowledge will now be combined with the distribution know-how and strength that Nectar has developed within the food and beverage sector. The introduction of Calleja Fisheries within its portfolio will undoubtedly further consolidate Nectar’s position in the market especially in the HORECA segment by becoming ever more relevant to customers in this category and is also in line with the Group’s ambition to maintain the sustainable growth momentum.

Nectar achieves Trust Mark

Nectar Group has recently achieved the Trust Mark under the Trust You Scheme of The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA). This scheme recognises businesses and service providers which safeguard consumer interests. This scheme is envisaged to enhance the trust between the two and therefore enable the consumer to purchase products and services with much greater confidence, with the aim of promoting and safeguarding consumer interests by helping them identify those businesses/service providers which promise to abide by a code of conduct.

Nectar Group has been identified as one of these businesses abiding by a code of conduct that covers the whole service/product acquisition cycle. This cycle consist of:

Enticing – the promotional and advertising stage
Negotiating – the pre-procurement stage
Purchasing – procurement stage
After-sales – post procurement stage

Nectar achieves three awards in Malta People Awards

During this year’s ‘Malta People Awards’ organised by the Foundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD) on Friday 9th December 2011, Nectar Group was honored with three different awards. The aim of these awards is to celebrate outstanding achievement in people management and recognises the projects and initiatives that have transformed business performance and made the biggest contribution to the way people are engaged, managed and developed.

There were 19 leading companies participating in this year’s event, totaling 32 submissions that were assessed according to their projects in 7 different categories. Nectar Group presented its submissions in three different categories namely ‘Excellence through Technology’ based on the tablet project NectarActive Market Navigator, ‘Learning & Development’ based on our training programmes, and ‘Performance & Reward’ based on the BEST Performance and Reward system adopted at Nectar.

Directors and Management at Nectar Group acknowledge the effort that has been done by all the employees in order to be able to receive such prestigious awards in the ceremony held at the Intercontinental Hotel, St. Julian’s. It was an unforgettable night for the Group, coinciding also with the 20th anniversary of the Group.

Such opportunities enable us to look positively to the future and with optimism that together we can achieve more positive results. Receiving such esteemed recognitions is a clear demonstration that our employees are in truth our greatest asset. Nectar Group is committed more than ever to continue investing in more learning opportunities and infrastructure for its employees.

Nectar acquires Golden Wonder Crisps

It had been years since Nectar Group longed to include this brand within its portfolio and now Nectar has finally managed to acquire the status of the official distributor in Malta through it`s Sweetsource Division. Golden Wonder, which knows its origins in 1947 in Scotland, is part of Tayto Group, based in Ireland and with a vast range of other products.
Golden Wonder is a very delicate brand. Nectar has taken the necessary actions to avoid such mistakes as other previous importers had made in attempting to establish this product locally. The official launch was held in the beginning of June 2011